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What is Bacteria and Why It’s Crucial

Bacteria is tiny living things that are found all around us and are too small to be seen by the naked eye. They live in water, soil, and in the air. By scientifically identifying and isolating bacteria that specialize in digesting organic material, bacteria suppliers are able to provide extremely high concentrations of beneficial bacteria that utilize organic material as fuel and rapidly assimilate that food source. Under the correct conditions, utilizing bacteria for wastewater (bioaugmentation) can reduce the target material in hours or days, rather than in months or years.

What That Means for You

  • Reduce BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand)
  • Lower COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand)
  • Reduce Suspended Solids
  • Control Odor
  • Lower FOG
  • Reduce Sludge Volume
  • Control Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Reduce Surfactants/Chemicals
  • Improve Startup/Recovery from Shock Loading
  • Lower Monthly Costs!

Industries Using Bacteria

Reduce organic matter to manage algae bloom in bodies of freshwater.
Keep water quality in balance and degrade sludge buildup with easy-to-use bacterial tablets.
Stay in compliance with regulations using an advanced biological powder that facilitates waste degradation.
Break down fats, oils and greases with a concentrated additive designed to enhance system efficiency.
Degrade petroleum hydrocarbons using an effective biological formula developed for bioremediation. petroleum ea
Reduce odors and wood pulp waste with an enzymatic bacterial blend for cleaner wastewater.
Increase pond depth and improve water quality with a bacterial tablet that reduces sludge buildup quickly and naturally.
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Proven Results of Wastewater Microbes

City of Escalon

The municipal treatment plant at the City of Escalon treats 1.2 million gallons per day of high-strength wastewater. The plant experienced odor issues that they wanted to improve.


Lake Templene

This 900-acre manmade lake in Michigan had the goal of reducing organic waste, starving unwanted vegetation and increasing lake depth to avoid the expense of dredging. 


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