Pond Algae Control

Reduce organic matter to manage algae bloom in bodies of freshwater.

Eliminate Algae’s Food Source

The best way to remove algae and achieve clearer water is to eliminate its food source—decaying organic material. Algae control can be achieved using Bacteria Direct products. Clarify™ powder is a bacteria-based, application-specific product used to remove organic matter from a variety of water systems containing fish and animal wastes or decaying plant material.

Water clarity can be compromised by excess nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. A decrease in water quality poses threats to organisms in the water like fish, plants and other aquatic life. Poor water quality also makes it increasingly difficult for treatment plants to meet effluent permit limits. Using Clarify™ reduces organic matter, which helps achieve optimal algae control.

If you are looking to stop algae growth, talk to us today about the best solution for you. Get your water quality under control today with the help Bacteria Direct and Clarify™.

About Clarify™

Clarify™ uses bio-augmentation, a non-chemical and natural method, to reduce organic levels that threaten good water quality in ponds, lakes, lagoons, etc. The application-specific microbes in the product ingest carbon, phosphorous, potassium and nitrogen at an accelerated rate, which limits the organic loading available and improves water quality. Overall, Clarify™ promotes a better aquatic environment as the water clarity is improved.

The use of Clarify™ aids water treatment plants in meeting effluent regulations with decreased use of aerators, and thus saving on energy costs.

Targeted CompoundsOrganic debris, sludge build-up, and cellulose
Bacterial Count5e9 CFU/gram or 5 billion colony forming units per gram
Bacterial TypeBacillus spores
Formula PropertiesTan, free-flowing powder with earthy odor on a dendritic salt carrier
Performance PropertiesEffective pH range: 4.0-11.0
Temperature range: 45-120°F (5-50°C)
The most basic way to compare bacteria products is to compare the colony forming units per gram. Make sure your product clearly states its strength on the label.

Clarify Applications

  • Ponds
  • lagoons
  • Fish Farms
  • Water Gardens
  • Ornamental Fountains

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