Wastewater Treatment

How Our Bacteria Assists Your Wastewater Treatment

Bacteria Direct products will dramatically improve wastewater treatment and in many cases eliminate the need for capital improvements. Highly concentrated strains of beneficial bacteria will maximize the usage of available oxygen and organics to rapidly digest your undesirable wastewater constituents.  Case after case shows that both private and public treatment plants accelerate treatment, eliminate odor and meet compliance requirements. Bacteria Direct produces our bacteria in an ISO-certified facility, guaranteeing purity and excluding any contaminating strains of undesirable microorganisms. Avoid dangerous E. Coli contamination by ensuring your bacteria comes from a certified lab. 

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Utilize our one-of-a-kind Dosage Calculator to ensure you dosing correctly every time. Offering different calculations based on your industry. If you have any questions on dosing or which bacteria is right for you, contact us or click the green chat bubble in the bottom right corner.

Available Bacteria

Bacteria Direct offers a variety of bacterial and microbial blends in different media configurations, depending upon your needs. Powders are available in bulk packaging, or dissolvable packets and come in strengths from 5 billion colony forming units per gram to 50 billion. Dissolvable tablets are available for certain applications. Liquids are available in 5, 55 and 250-gallon sizes in strengths starting at 2.5 trillion colony-forming units per gallon and increasing by 20x, 40x, 50x, and 110x.  

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