Pond Sludge Reduction

Increase pond depth and improve water quality with a bacterial tablet that reduces sludge buildup quickly and naturally.

Minimize Freshwater Pond Sludge Buildup

Freshwater ponds can experience sludge buildup caused by inorganics like mud and sand, organic material such as decomposing leaves, or both. Placing bacteria directly on the sludge layer is the best way to achieve digestion of the organic material and start achieving sludge reduction.

Bacteria Direct’s AquaClear™ tablets simply sink to the bottom of the pond, then release the bacteria exactly where they can be most effective in sludge reduction and preventing sludge buildup.

Measuring Pond Depth

To determine your pond depth, either use a depth finder or a fish finder that reports depth. If you want to determine the depth of the pond’s sludge, a sludge judge is an extremely useful device that can be used from a boat. They can be messy, so wear your rain jacket.

For rapid digestion of sludge, we recommend installing a fully aerobic water column to further support sludge reduction. You can achieve this with a surface microbubble aerator for industrial applications, or a diffuser aerator for freshwater ponds.

Learn more about the Sludge Remediation process.

About AquaClear™

Reduce solid and dissolved organic waste material in lakes and ponds with effective, rapid-action AquaClear™ tablets. AquaClear™ tablets drop to the bottom so they can begin to degrade sludge and improve water quality. Prevent the buildup of sludge and improve the water quality for aquatic life and the wildlife that depends on healthy water.

Targeted CompoundsOrganic debris, sludge buildup, and cellulose
Bacterial Count3e9 CFU/gram or 3 billion colony forming units per gram
Bacterial TypeBacillus spores
Formula PropertiesOff-white tablet with characteristic odor
Performance PropertiesEffective pH range: 4.0-11.0
Temperature range: 45-120°F (5-50°C)
The most basic way to compare bacteria products is to compare the colony forming units per gram. Make sure your product clearly states its strength on the label.

Bacteria Direct also offers higher strength bacteria blends with our GP-110™ products in powder and liquid forms. See the  GP-110™ Specifications below for more information.

AquaClear™ Applications

  • Private ponds and lakes
  • Fish ponds
  • Fresh, brackish and saline bodies of water

AquaClear™ and GP-110™ Specifications

See complete specs for AquaClear™ and GP-110™.

How much do I need?

Calculate my AquaClear™ and GP-110™ dosage needs.