Petrochemical/Hydrocarbon Removal/Biodiesel

Degrade petroleum hydrocarbons using an effective biological formula developed for bioremediation. petroleum ea

Apply an Effective Blend of Bacteria for Bioremediation

Biodiesel and ethanol plants and oil and gas refineries have biological alternatives to degrading the petrochemical byproducts in wastewater. Using PetroPlus™ for biological digestion of contaminants provides another route to cleaner wastewater.

About PetroPlus™

PetroPlus™ is a unique blend of different bacteria strains formulated to effectively degrade both aromatic and aliphatic petroleum hydrocarbons. The Bacillus consortium plus the addition of Pseudomonas have been blended effectively to concentrate on the degradation of petroleum hydrocarbons in soil applications and bioremediations.

Targeted CompoundsBenzene, toluene, xylene, ethyl benzene, crude oil, diesel, phenols and dodecane
Bacterial Count5e9 CFU/gram or 5 billion colony forming units per gram
Bacterial TypeBacillus spore blend + non-pathogenic Pseudomonas
Formula PropertiesTan, free flowing powder with earthy odor on a wheat bran/sodium sulfate carrier
Performance PropertiesEffective pH range: 4.0-11.0
Temperature range: 45-120°F (5-50°C)
The most basic way to compare bacteria products is to compare the colony forming units per gram. Make sure your product clearly states its strength on the label.

PetroPlus™ Applications

  • Petrochemical plants
  • Petrochemical treatment plants
  • Lift stations
  • Soil remediation
  • Bio diesel plants
  • Fracking wastewater treatment
  • Ethanol plants

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