Pulp & Paper

Reduce odors and wood pulp waste with an enzymatic bacterial blend for cleaner wastewater.

Address Cellulose Degradation in Wastewater

The production of paper and cardboard products results in particles of cellulose in the wastewater that take a lot of energy to break down. To assist in degrading the wood pulp more effectively and with less odor, Bacteria Direct developed Pulp and Paper using enzymes in addition to bacteria for a powerful and effective formula.

About Pulp and Paper™

Pulp and Paper is a custom blend of both enzymes and bacteria specifically designed for pulp and paper. Cellulose degradation in wastewater presents a particularly difficult challenge. This proprietary blend contains four enzymes—protease, lipase, cellulase and amylase—and three strains of bacteria that are particularly efficient at breaking down and digesting cellulose. With the two-pronged approach, Pulp and Paper is extremely efficient at eliminating odors associated with the wastewater process.

Pulp and Paper™ Applications

  • Paper production plants
  • Cardboard production plants
  • Paper and cardboard recycling plants

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