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Receive the appropriate type, strength & quantity of bacteria to maintain your farm’s organic waste at sustainable levels.

Effective Odor Neutralization for Animal Operations

Neutralize odors and reduce sludge buildup with powerful microbes selected to optimize the biomass dynamics of animal waste lagoons, manure pits and food processing plants. CAFOPlus™ enables more sustainable confinement operations, converting sludge into fertilizer by breaking down a broad spectrum of waste material.

About CAFOPlus™

A robust and effective bacterial blend specially formulated to decrease odors, solids and sludge accumulation in animal waste lagoons. CAFOPlus™ was developed through a selection process that identified superior microbial strains dedicated to the reduction of sludge and odors associated with animal waste. CAFOPlus™ accomplishes these tasks with a delicate microbial balance that is very important for healthy animals.

The billions of robust, application-specific microbes contained in CAFOPlus™ thrive by eating the manure of pigs, cows and other animals in waste lagoons. The CAFOPlus™ bacteria concentrates will facilitate:

  • Decreased solid and sludge accumulation
  • Reduced odor
  • Modification of nutrients to provide fertilizer
Targeted CompoundsAnimal wastes, fats, oils and greases, ammonia, malodors, and hydrogen sulfide
Bacterial Count5e9 CFU/gram or 5 billion colony forming units per gram
Bacterial TypeBacillus spores
Formula PropertiesTan, free-flowing powder with earthy odor
Dendritic salt carrier
Performance PropertiesEffective pH range: 4.0-11.0
Temperature range: 45-120°F (5-50°C)
The most basic way to compare bacteria products is to compare the colony forming units per gram. Make sure your product clearly states its strength on the label.

CAFOPlus™ Applications

Apply the power of CAFOPlus™ to any animal waste collection systems

  • Manure pits
  • Waste lagoons
  • Food processing plants with animal pens
  • Rendering plants
  • Other concentrated animal feeding operations

CAFOPlus™ Specifications

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How much do I need?

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