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Specializing in wastewater management, Bacteria Direct delivers high quality industrial strength bacteria and microbes for digesting organics & hydrocarbons.

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Reduce organic matter to manage algae bloom in bodies of freshwater.
Keep water quality in balance and degrade sludge buildup with easy-to-use bacterial tablets.
Receive the appropriate type, strength & quantity of bacteria to maintain your farm’s organic waste at sustainable levels.
Stay in compliance with regulations using an advanced biological powder that facilitates waste degradation.
Reduce labor, increase efficiency and avoid fines with a natural bacterial blend that reduces odors and sludge.
Break down fats, oils and greases with a concentrated additive designed to enhance system efficiency.
Degrade petroleum hydrocarbons using an effective biological formula developed for bioremediation. petroleum ea
Reduce odors and wood pulp waste with an enzymatic bacterial blend for cleaner wastewater.
Increase pond depth and improve water quality with a bacterial tablet that reduces sludge buildup quickly and naturally.
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Dosage Calculator

Always order & use the correct amount of bacteria for your application. Determine your dosage now with our dosage calculator guideline.

Wastewater Treatment

Bacteria Direct products will dramatically improve wastewater treatment and in many cases eliminate the need for capital improvements. Highly concentrated strains of beneficial bacteria and microbes will maximize the usage of available oxygen and organics to rapidly digest undesirable wastewater constituents. Case after case shows that both private and public treatment plants accelerate treatment, eliminate odor and meet compliance requirements.

Compliance & Certifications

Bacteria Direct supplies products manufactured under ISO 9001:2015. For a list of all compliance & certifications, follow the link below.

Distributor Pricing

Distributor Pricing is available upon request. Contact us to learn more.

Scientific Papers

Here at Bacteria Direct, we encourage you to learn everything you can about bacteria through industry-specific scientific papers.

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